Makarska: The most beautiful beaches of the Adriatic!

Famous tourist destination

Centre of the most beautiful beaches of the Adriatic!

There where the mountain Biokovo immerses into the blueness of the Adriatic Sea, spreads Makarska riviera. Crystal clear sea, greenness of the pines, azure sky and beautiful kilometers long, white pebbles and sand beaches are the symbol of Makarska city and the whole Makarska riviera.

This region lures tourists with its beauty for along round of years Riviera region occupies approximately 60 kilometers of shore where the city of Makarska is settled as are other beautiful spots: Baška voda, Brela, Igrane, Tučepi, Promajna, Podgora, Zaostrog. Every small nook of Makarska riviera offers something unique and interesting so everyone can find something just for himself and have a quality vacation rest.

There are numerous opportunities for active holidays and enjoyment in rich offer of facilities for all sport and adventure lovers: tennis, football, handball, diving, trekking, running, hiking, cycling, also extreme sports like climbing, skydiving, jumping from nearby hills, hiking on the Biokovo Mountain. There are also many cultural and entertaining manifestations and excursions to the nearby towns and islands. Nevertheless, first and foremost rule we can recommend to all of the visitors of this region: Have a swim on some of the paradise beaches of Makarska riviera and perhaps you will realize that you needn’t nothing more than that.

Biokovo –the highest mountain closest to the seashore on Mediterranean

Mountain range Biokovo is one of the most beautiful Croatian mountains protectively extending kilometers above Makarska and the whole Riviera. From time immemorial, Biokovo was very important mountain guarding inhabitants like some protective fortress wall from enemy attacks from the sea as those from the land. It is the highest mountain closest to the seashore on the whole Mediterranean. Today, Biokovo is favorite excursion center for many adventurers and climbers. It is rich in numerous endemic herbs and diverse and interesting animal world.

It requires only few minutes of car drive from Makarska to reach a height where bursts a beautiful sight upon nearby islands and the city. From the highest Biokovo peak Sveti Jure counting 1762metres in height, during the bright days can even be caught sight of Italy although it is as much as 250 kilometers distanced. Fair weather is here pretty common because of dry northern wind ‘bura’ which blows often. Bura is kind of wind that cleanses men both inside as on the outside. It scatters clouds and dries the moist from the air. It also disperses negative emotions and thus positively affects the good mood. People use to go hiking on Biokovo tired from worries and monotony and tend to return light, cheerful, purified and in good spirits.

Part of the mountain (19550ha) is protected and has been declared Nature Park. Within Nature park is picturesque botanical garden Koština, founded by scientist and friar dr.Jure Radić. The main purpose of the garden is protection, preservation and research of the mountain.

It is designed as fenced part of the nature where natural forms of plant vegetation are kept. Due to its beauty, Koština garden lures tourists during the whole year but especially during the spring and early summer when it blossoms in greenness and full grandeur due to common rainfalls. Besides botanical garden Koština, Nature Park Biokovo offers other beauties to be seen as canyon Proslap with same named waterfall which revives during the heavy rains.

Biokovo attractions

  • Biokovo has been populated even in prehistory much before the letter has appeared

  • Cold air overflowing Biokovo from the inland, creates the wind named ‘bura’ and sometimes reaches gale force wind blows. Strongest gust was registered just in the Biokovo foothill and it measured exactly 220kilometers per hour.

  • Nature park Biokovo inhabitants one of the most beautiful European nonpoisonous snakes; European rat snake.

  • More than 400 speleological objects or caves have been found on Biokovo

  • Church St’ Jure on the highest peak of Biokovo is the highest church in Croatia

Pilgrimage to Croatian Lourdes

Not far in front of the entrance of Makarska is Croatian sanctuary Vepric, founded in 1908. Adorned with beautiful scenery and natural cave, stream, hillocks and wood it vividly resembles the famous French Lourdes where st. Bernardette had a vision of appearance of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Thus is this sanctuary dedicated to Our Lady of Lourdes In the sanctuary, there are a chapel and a sacristy with outside altar, several confessionals and Way of the Cross stations. Because of its natural beauty and truly transcendental and peaceful surrounding, the sanctuary is visited by a great number of pilgrims and tourists throughout the whole year but especially for the Assumption holidays (February 11th, March 25th, August 15th and September 7-8th).

The most comprehensive malacological collection in the world

Magnificent collection of shells and snails; the most comprehensive in the world, is presented right in Malacological Museum of Makarska. Besides many other species originating from tropic and subtropics seas, there have been displayed more than 3000 shell species only from Adriatic Sea and with its exceptional beauty, they attract numerous tourists during the whole year. This unusual museum was founded in late 1963 and housed in the beautiful, old building of the St’ Mary Franciscan Monastery protected as one of Croatia’s ancient architectural monuments. Besides malacological collection of friar J. Radić,the museum also holds a fine herbarium of Biokovo plants and a small local paleontological collection.

About Makarska

Makarska is famous tourist destination on the Adriatic coastline located between famous piratical city of Omiš and UNESCO cities of Split and Trogir. It is settled at the foothill of the Biokovo (highest peak 1762m). It is protected by naturally shaped horseshoe harbor between picturesque peninsula St’ Petar and cape Osejava. Since olden times, Makarska was administrative, political, economic, cultural and educational headquarter of Dalmatian micro region named Makarska littoral which includes other beautiful townlets: Baška voda, Podgora, Igrane, Zaostrog and Brela. History of Makarska was long and tempestuous.

Throughout history it had to withstand many conquerors and was under the reign of many; Turks, Venetians, Austrians and French. The Venice had left the greatest impact on the architectural appearance of the city and in structuring of life of its inhabitants. The St’Mary Franciscan monastery which is more than 500years old, offers the best opportunity to meet the history of this city because it houses library with numerous bodes and rare incunabulas and unique and worldwide famous collection of shells, collected in Malacological museum.

Today, Makarska is a city with more than 15000 residents. It consists of Mediterranean type old town core and newer built part with hotels, resorts, restaurants, luxurious villas and spa where numerous tourists spend their holidays. The whole Makarska Riviera is famous worldwide for its beautiful kilometers long, white pebbles and sand beaches.

What to visit?

  • Malacological museum

  • Peninsula St’ Peter-park on the southern part of the city where are remains of the old church, cave and beautiful, long  promenades which by the way link all the places of Makarska Riviera

  • Vepric sanctuary

  • St’Mark Cathedral-baroque style church where guardian of the city St’Klement remains are kept

  • Venetian fountain from the 18th century with the oldest known coat of arms of the city