Festival of the Dalmatian klapa

Truly special and unique event

Omiš is best-known for the traditional Festival of the Dalmatian klapa. There is no doubt that "Festival dalmatinskih klapa" is the highlight of Omiš' summer, the expression of the city's vitality... in short, its beauty. Also, Omiš Summer Festival during which various concerts and recitals are performed at the squares and in churches (Omiš has eight churches). Omiš Cultural Summer has been enriched with concerts and recitals in churches and in the Cloister of Franciscans Monastery, as well as performances on the squares, exhibitions and literary and music happenings ... So called Dalmatian "klapa" songs are at the core of this music. "Klapa" in Dalmatian dialect means company or group, while in musical terms it refers to five-to-eight member ensembles.

Its basic characteristic and distinction are, and remain, solely vocal harmony-singing, only rarely discreetly and quietly accompanied by instruments. The klapa singing has very long tradition derived from medieval church songs.

Sang by fishermen and peasants, it leaves the listeners astonished by the beauty and gentleness of their voices, expressing the true heart and soul of Dalmatian people.

There are no words to describe these marvelous sound echoing on the small square in Omiš, the St. Michael's square. Those who have not experienced it can hardly imagine it.

The Festival of Dalmatian Klapas is truly special and unique event and it is no wonder that Omiš has been chosen to host it. With it's beauty, heritage and soul, Omiš makes Klapas feel at home.