Visiting Radman Mills

Situated in the Canyon of Cetina River

There is a picturesque resort called Radman Mills located 6 kilometres from Omiš. It is situated in the Canyon of Cetina River and it is perfect place for your vacation. The canyon is magnificent and it is surrounded by mountains so everything looks really cool out there. You get to enjoy crystal clean water, clean and fresh air, green woods and amazing waterfalls and rapids. This timeless resort is very popular among tourist who like to enjoy nature, river beaches and playgrounds. You can visit this place by bus, boat or car. People usually enjoy boat rides the most because in that way they get better and the most interesting experience.

But firstly, let’s talk about authentic mills. They date from 17th and 18th century and were renovated in the 19th century by the Radman family whose name they carry today. It is supposed that it was the country house of some rich man from Omiš who wanted to enjoy silence and refreshment during hot summers. For centuries they used the power of the water to mill the wheat and other cereals. Today mills has been converted into a large restaurant, numerous other objects and picnic area surrounded by clean nature, mill wheels and tall trees.

Radman Mills have a rich gastronomy offer. You get to try traditional dishes and local specialties like Soparnik, sea food, grilled food, snails or bread and meat baked under the peka. Also, you can enjoy dishes from the Cetina River like trout, eels and frogs. Every Wednesday in July in August folklore evenings are traditionally organized so you get to know the traditional dances and songs from Dalmatia and Croatia while you are introduced with tasty food. In the month of July there is also interesting manifestation called Pirate nights, attraction that enables people to go back to past and experience reconstruction of the battle that took place in the 13th century, between local pirates and Venetians.

Resort is also a perfect place for those who seek adventure and active holiday. The most popular activity there is definitely rafting adventure that lasts for three hours and enables you to experience nature in completely different way. You can also rent a canoe and enjoy blue sky and lush vegetation, or you can try free climbing in one of the most interesting place for climbing in Croatia. It’s really up to you to decide!