Holistic cruise along Dalmatian coast

Sail, taste, experience and discover Dalmatia

Prompted by our vast experience in tourism, Plavi Horizont team decided to fuse several different aspects of traveling into one and provide an exclusive and comprehensive program for your holiday. First of all, it is a wonderful opportunity to sail, taste, experience and discover Dalmatia, a part of Mediterranean brimming with surreal landscapes and historical grandeur resonant in its magnificent architecture and unique cultural identity. It is an ideal place to find a fragment of tranquility you have been longing for, to soak up the sun and afford yourself the commodity of being carefree.
The cruise takes place on luxurious boats that contain all the amenities necessary for a pleasurable and relaxing stay. With capacity of approximately 25 persons, these boats provide enough privacy and comfort to enjoy your vacation on your own terms and yet to experience a positive and renewing energy of the people surrounding you.

An unforgettable cruising along the beautiful Croatian coastline on our luxurious ships. During the cruise you will be able to discover a unique harmony of health, beauty and the strong life force of Croatian raw food. We are quite certain that the experience from the cruise will remarkably change your perspective on health and improve the quality of your life.


Holistic Well-being program = Stress Relief Techniques & Educational and Entertaining Workshops

Stress Relief Techniques: massage, yoga, qi-gong, fitness, swimming, laughter yoga workshops, psychical functioning (controlling our thoughts and emotions, facing the stress in an effective way)

1. Lifelong school of improving yourself being true food school lesson?

  • Let your food be your medicine and let your medicine be your food. (Hippocrates)

  • Why is organically grown food so important for our health?

  • Which is the healthiest way of preparing food?

  • How to avoid toxins and to detoxify the body? 

  • Why is unspoiled Nature the main precondition to our health?

  • How to keep the natural balance and at the same time satisfy our everyday needs

  • One of the solutions can be found in permaculture.

  • How to grow food in your own garden?

  • Why is the work in the garden so beneficial to our health and gives us much more than health food itself?

2. Psychical functioning

    • Controlling (directing) our thoughts and emotions (the importance of the development of positive attitude towards life and building up self-respect)

    • The effective ways of facing stress

    • Interpersonal relations (the feeling of love and affiliation, integration into the narrower and wider community)

    • Spirituality (the consciousness that each of us is of extraordinary importance

    • For the perfection of a whole, the development of a deep feeling for the real sense of life)

    • The influence of psychical functioning on the immune system

      3. Exercises and breathing

      • Classic forms of western exercises (walking, running, swimming, strength stretching exercises)

      • Classic forms of ancient eastern exercises (qi-gong, yoga, do-in)

      • Breathing exercises which form an important whole when combined with the above-mentioned exercises


      The project managers of our holistic approach to health will be at your disposal during the whole journey. They will listen carefully to any of your ideas about health, be it your agreement, praise and delight with the program or your critical remark, disapproval, complaint and counter-argument. It will be our pleasure to share our knowledge and experience with you and, whenever possible, they will try to give you a chance of checking in practice whatever the talk is about.


      In order to share our ideas on the healthiest ways of preparing the healthiest foods we also organize work¬shops at the appointed time for those interested in such an activity. Besides, we also organize morning and evening exercises, combined with breathing exercises. All the activities give an excellent opportunity for experiencing the effectiveness of our health program. We feel quite certain that very soon you will be convinced that all this is not just a fairy tale but, on the contrary, something very practical, applicable and effective. We hope you will practice applying it when you get home.


      With the launching of this ship in 2012, a new “ladder has been reached”, a new type of cruise has developed - deluxe cruise. The overall length of this ship is 47 meters and has a total capacity of 40 guests + one tour guide. There are double and twin bed cabins. There is one cabin on top deck, 12 on main deck and 8 under deck. All cabins are spacious en-suite (shower/WC) with Air condition, TV/ SAT, safety deposit box, hair dryer, and basic hygienic accessories. Among the cabins on the main deck there are two VIP cabins that are more spacious with a sofa that can be made as additional bed. These cabins have a separate entrance.
      The ship has a big indoor dining area of modern design and clean lines situated on top deck as well as a lounge area at the stern of the ship. There is also a sun deck, a small fitness room and a small pool incorporated into the hull of the ship at the stern. There is also Wi-Fi on the ship.

      Interested in unforgettable cruising along the beautiful Croatian coast? Contact us for details.