Omiš landmarks

Old churches and fortresses are witnesses of a great history

You already heard about a small little town in Central Dalmatia located between Split and Makarska, situated in the mouth of the Cetina River and called Omiš. In the past Omiš was well know because of the pirates of Omiš. Now-days, churches, fortresses and other monuments are reminders of the pirate’s power. The whole old town is built of stone and it is filled with old churches and fortresses that are witnesses of a great history. The town was surrounded with a stone fortification, but they were destroyed during the time.

The main fortress is Peovica or Mirabella, built on the cliff above the old town. It is built in Romanesque style in 13th century and it was reliable hideout for the Omiš pirates. There is a legend which says that in the 16th century, during an attack by the Turks, the defenders of Omis confused attackers with their shouting so much that the Turks overestimated the number of defenders and fled. Today this fortress offers you tourist vantage point from which you can see almost entire old part of Omiš, Duće and Brač.

Fortress Fortica or Starigrad got that name (Starigrad means old city) because it was built on the remains of the antic fortress, and new city Omis was beneath it. The fortress is placed at the top of Dinara Mountain and view from the top is amazing.

There are a numerous churches in the town of Omiš and nearby area. The most important one is definitely the Church of Saint Peter from the 10th century which is located on the right side of the river. This pre-Romanesque church was used in the 18th century as Glagolitic seminary for novice priests. There is also the Church of the Holy Spirit in the old town. This church dates from the 15th century and was renovated completely in the 16th century. It is famous for a painting by Palma il Giovane. The Renaissance Church of Saint Michael is known because it is a home to a wooden cross from 13th century.

There are many other churches you should visit, like Church of Saint Euphemia, Parochial church from the 17th century or Franciscan Monastery from the 18th century. History lovers, put Omiš on the top of your list!